Business Development Manager

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Our team is looking for a new talent to join our sales team. Your team is looking for hot new prospects to pitch during the busiest period of the year. Much like an ancient marketplace, our business barter exchange provides an opportunity to exchange services without the need for cash to change hands, leaving them free to scratch each other’s backs!

We want you to find the fierce and hungry candidate to join our thriving team and to get the best, we want to approach it differently.  As payment, we’re offering you a B2B email campaign, for up to 10k decision maker contacts* plus creative & responsive design** email broadcast & analytics, plus the telemarketing list for the follow up – all for a contra of your services.

You can select your marketing list by job title, company type or SIC, their turnover or employee size and all overlaid with relevance like geography – if you only deal with clients in a specific region. Our expert account managers will provide you with highly targeted data and a slick email marketing campaign that will drive the results you need.

Welcome to our Barter Business Exchange, it’s win-win! Call 0844 56 111 33 or email  to get the job description and get involved!

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