Working to fill a vacancy or the Business Development Manager - BDM for exchange for services. We are looking for a hungry and motivated candidate for the B2b business sales position.

Hello from TDP

We have the world of information available on our website, but we understand that not everyone has the time to skim through it all to find what they need, that is why we have prepared a little presentation ready for you to take. Click the link below to download our...

ECO3 Funding is in !

ECO 3 HAS DROPPED ARE YOU READY? FIND OUT MORE ABOUT IT HERE   We all heard the news, the funding is in and now the race is on to get your name out there to the households who will eligible for the grants. This is where TDP can...

Recruitment Companies & GDPR

There’s been a great deal of media coverage regarding GDPR and specifically the implications for Recruitment, HR firms and brands directly. As the bill comes into law on the 25th May this year, we examine what those companies need to address before then.   With less than four months...

Top B2B Marketing Tips

Business to business marketing is a distinct sector that requires a bespoke approach, we’re often contacted by brands and agencies that don’t segment their offering or proposition between consumer and business marketing – and they are quite different audiences. However, for B2B marketers the creative spark you’re looking for...

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