Home Energy Records

We supply marketing data to firms within the home energy sector that want to reach out to new consumer markets. From major Utility Companies to Solar Installers, to PV Maintenance, Cavity Wall Installers right through to big names in the Home Improvement Sector. HomeOwner Data is also useful for emerging markets like Energy Efficiency suppliers of Smart Meters & Thermostats.

We can identify properties and householders by multiple sectors and interests, including boiler type installed, property age, location and type of building, even building age. Through our home data analysis, we can identify properties that may have suitability for solid wall insulation, or even by its roof orientation for solar PV and thermal markets.

Our home marketing data is also used and validated by national estate agents, large and small utility companies, energy comparison firms & for general consumer and residential marketing campaigns.

TDP Marketing data is current, accurate and compliant and is the essential key to successful marketing campaigns. Buy consumer data from us and you can be sure of improved delivery and engagement results, through hundreds of specific profiling options. We can target your perfect demographic regardless of whether your campaign is for direct mail, telemarketing or email. We have developed a profile of homeowners across the UK to identify the likelihood of its potential for interest in retrofit energy-saving measures.

UK Homeowner Marketing Data

Typical consumer demographics include options to target by age, affluence and income, gender, marital status, homeownership status, and geographic selection by postal address, street or a certain region. Marketing campaigns and consumer sales leads are all improved with quality consumer data. Renting a marketing list from us will add measurable value to your marketing and help to increase your ROI. High-quality information leads to exceptional performance results and our complete database cleaning services back up our commitment to providing quality data solutions.

Whichever methods your business uses for direct marketing and lead generation, TDP Marketing will provide you with the most accurate and compliant data lists on the market, saving you unnecessary research time and allowing you to target the most appropriate people for your services.

Can my Business Benefit from this Data?

By using up-to-date business marketing list, your business could benefit from improved lead generation, sales and improved customer relationships. Our mission is to connect service providers like you with new and potential customers. Compliance, data protection legislation and tight control of customer data are of paramount to us and of course, the householders themselves. We work with all the main communication channels; through supplying opted-in email data, postal address records, mobiles or landlines, so you can be sure your message gets received, understood and if relevant, acted upon.


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