Home Movers Data

TDP Marketing can help you gain competitive advantage and react in real-time with property mover trigger events, with detailed insight with our Home Mover Marketing Data.  

A Home Movers list from TDP Marketing is the perfect boxed-solution for consumers who you want to communicate with for those who are mid-chain in the home-moving process. Our Home-Specific Data sets are great prospects for everything from mortgage refinancing offers, energy use and connected services through to specifics like home insulation or cavity-wall information and many other home-related marketing opportunities.

Home Movers Boxes Data TDP Marketing

This can be those vendors who are currently on the market, through to people who have sold and completed and or moving into rented accommodation. 

Each year around 11% of the UK’s adult population moves home. Moving home brings a raft of opportunities to target customers at a time when spend increases and purchase are triggered at specific points during the move process. TDP’s #HomeMoversData can help support brands with re-activation, cross-selling and improving brand perception and reputation. Personalised and highly relevant, digital marketing is the new standard, marketers can no longer rely on traditional and static sources of data, this is particularly true when you’re seeking consumers who are home movers.

As a compliant data supplier, any records we supply are pre-approved by our in-house GDPR trained due diligence team. Companies using dynamic data to fuel their life-event marketing strategies are proven to experience increases in their response and conversion rates. Marketers can also improve customer loyalty and reduce the risk of customer churn. We can work to supply data that fits with your marketing output and preferred channels, whether that’s email, postal or telephone.

Home Movers Engagement & Conversion

Engaging this lucrative audience to its fullest potential requires a real shift to more value-based thinking, a strong desire for campaign ROI, and recognition that quality data is at the heart of the most effective strategies. None more so that time-short vendors and home movers. Conversion rates are exceptionally high and we can identify multiple variables; purchase triggers, buying patterns, purchase propensity, likelihood to switch suppliers, lapsed customers, prospective tenants for the rental market and more.

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