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Our independent data consultancy is focused on the UK consumer and retail industry and we work with hundred’s of leading online retailers to create permission-based, consumer marketing data that is relevant to your sector & in the volumes and channels you need.

TDP Marketing is a Data Management Agency and we’ve been working in this industry since way back in 2001. Back when people used Cyber Cafe’s to surf the web, when cutting edge tech meant a Nokia 7210 and the first iPhone was still more than a decade away. Our data records are underpinned by our insight team’s deep consumer analysis and our unique MySQL segmentation software which profile and record the buying habits and preferences of the UK consumer retail sector.

We offer a comprehensive resource for B2C direct mail campaigns, consumer email broadcasting & telemarketing. We have an in-house creative team who can design, implement and manage your campaign around your strategic goals, or we can just supply data straight to your marketing department or data manager.

We work with major national and international corporate brands to make sure their marketing strategy works harder for them – by providing highly effective and top quality market intelligence and a talented team of business data experts for your ongoing campaign management and support.

Our experience in the data marketing sector has always centered on collating and analysing records, providing unrivaled access to millions of opted-in, consumer data records for digital marketing, tele-marketing, and direct mail use. If you’re planning a marketing campaign, you’ll have to comply with a number of regulations and we can guide you through these; from PECR to GDPR and everything in between.

Our SQL production developers can cleanse and append your marketing files, updating direct mail addresses from the Royal Mail’s PAF for a lot less per record than it costs to send incorrect marketing literature. We can HLR check your mobile records, clean any calling list against the TPS register or remove errors, dupes, corrupt or inaccurate records from your database.

It’s a legal requirement that all organizations (including charities, voluntary institutions, and political parties) don’t make calls to numbers registered on the Telephone Preference Service unless they have specific, named prior consent, a simple scan of your database from us will alleviate this. TDP are an official list cleaner and we can help you avoid privacy breaches or a large ICO fine and the subsequent brand damage that this type of data breach inevitably brings.


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