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Our B2B Business data is sourced, verified and gathered from multiple sources & platforms, it’s verified periodically at source which provides you with the most accurate results as well as giving assurances you’re purchasing properly researched marketing data records.

Named primary decision makers in companies are prone to change on an all too regular basis. All business records and data we supply is opted-in and verified with regular in-house data-health checks to ensure validity & accuracy. All our B2B data purchases are subject to a minimum order of £500 and orders also subject to a production & output fee of £60, these figures exclude VAT.

Detail of custom's declaration form on cardboard parcel

Detail of custom’s declaration form on cardboard parcel

Business data decays, replenish or update

Your business data is currently decaying at a rate of 27% each year, if you have 10,000 active customers right now, the reality is by this time next year you’ll have around 7,300 customers! The result of this can be seen most clearly in the wastage caused by mailing incorrect information. Using our business email lists, telephone data or direct mail marketing records are a simple, cost effective way to help grow your sales and combat the decline or data attrition. Our corporate data records are specifically engineered to your individual business needs – meaning you get the most from your marketing budget and maximising your hard earned marketing ROI.

The business marketing environment is now far more competitive than its ever been – with very little differentiation between rival products; the client not only price conscious, but fickle and this being the case – it’s pivotal that the quality of information you hold that gives you the upper hand as well as save your organisation money.
TDP Marketing are proud members of the Institute of Direct Marketing, winners of Marketing Week’s Data Strategy Awards, finalists of the Outstanding B2C Data Provider at the Data Marketing Awards, & Suffolk Future 50 Business of the Year, so you can be sure we’ll deliver your data campaign in a professional, compliant and effective manner, there’s reasoned science, logic and a little magic in our data.

Business Eshots & Performance Statistics

We provide a responsive email design & broadcast for our clients as part of our integrated data services. Your emails will be designed with your brand identity & campaign objectives. We have an award-winning email platform that delivers HTML design tools, clear metric reports, tracking and offers some very cool re-targeting opportunities.

TDP normally achieve around a 15-30% open rate for our commercial email broadcasts which speaks volumes for the quality of our data, especially for a cold list. Starting from just £500, our design team will work with you at every stage of your email marketing campaign to provide a fully managed, end-to-end service. We get results by being honest with our clients about the performance they can expect from their email campaigns; advising on realistic open and click-through rates & conversions – we can provide you with the contact details of those that interacted with your email.

For us, accuracy matters most

Each day it is estimated that tens of thousands of contact numbers change across the UK business land-line network, there are in the region of 580k new businesses start up each year according to the ONS. Data can be screened for verification of existing numbers or additional new numbers, so if you’re calling out, it’s going to be an effective use of everyone’s time if you’ve got an accurate calling file. Ex directory numbers can be flagged to confirm residence, TPS & CTPS processing can be run at the same time, which c­overs both BT and cable operators.

Whilst it’s slightly counter-intuitive for a data company to state, but if you’re purchasing new data without addressing the decay and possible updates of your current records, you may find there’s a quicker and more profitable route to new business.  We can also offer: Email, Name & Address Verification | Profiling & Classification Sortation | Telephone Number Auditing & CTPS | Suppression & Validation | Email Address Validation | and The Business Changes File (BCF)

However niche your business… chances are we’ve got a list

Our corporate data requests are often very specifically defined, TDP Marketing ensure we perform individual counts on each and every request. We hold well over 2000+ B2B classifications, so each marketing channel and variable our clients request are quite unique and ultimately influence the number of the records we can provide. Of course each client has different marketing requirements, channel preference and license agreements on use. One size doesn’t ever ‘fit all’ here; we just don’t do generic.

SIC Codes TDP Marfketing Business data
Accurate and responsive business data is the foundation of successful campaigns, ensuring your marketing is relevant and maximising its effectiveness. We appreciate that the investment in marketing data is often a big purchase decision for brands and where possible we will work with you to provide sample records, or give our assurances of the right channel & sector and always offer our consultancy based on our experience of your sector. We can help target your audience by supplying the precise business type and by SIC classification, job titles, geography, company size and turnover. All our data is conscientiously sourced to the highest standards & 100% opted-in to hear from you.

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