GDPR Database Audit

Achieving Compliance need not cost you your reputation

TDP Marketing offer a no-obligation audit of your database to let you know what’s performing and relevant and what can be improved on – and more importantly what’s not. This is a critical database process to save on marketing costs and ensure your messages are delivered to active and suitable prospects or customers and that critically, your organization is GDPR compliant.

The quickest ways to establish the accuracy of what records your organisation uses for marketing* is for TDP to run a database validity audit on the records you hold. This data enhancement process can flag data errors, duplicates and a host of inaccuracies, suppress and append gone-aways or home movers, show those who are recently deceased, flag up potentially harmful records and quickly highlight data that needs attention.  Quite aside from GDPR due diligence, this is just good database practice. It’s vital for campaign efficiency and uses services like Royal Mail PAF service, GAS flag, TPS suppression services, the Bereavement Register and a host of critical database integrity checks.

TDP’s Data Enhancement & GDPR Compliance Packages     

EU General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Database Auditing from TDP Marketing

EU General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Database Auditing from TDP Marketing

Small Business Package   SME watering can

• Suitable for Businesses with up to 20 employees
• DPO Time: 4 hours per month
• Delivery: Virtual, on-site once a quarter
Price: £595 pcm
• Minimum Term: 6 months

Medium Business Package  sme medium size business

• Suitable for Businesses with 21-150 employees
• DPO Time: 1 day per month
• Delivery: On-site (if required)
Price: £995 pcm
• Minimum Term: 12 months

Enterprise Package  sme large business

• Suitable for Businesses with over 150 employees
• DPO Time: Customised to your requirements
• Delivery: Flexible
Price: £POA
• Minimum Term: 12 months

Having a comprehensive database enables improved customer communication and interaction, and the ability to understand more about your customers is vital to adopt a smart retention and acquisition strategy. With our host of data marketing accolades and sector experience in direct marketing services & data consultancy, we’re a proven resource offering quantitative data marketing services to decision makers and influencers. TDP Marketing provides consumer intelligence, marketing preferences, business insight, database analysis and a truly independent data consultancy.

*TDP employs strict Non-Disclosure Agreements to work with client data and ensure that it is always transacted with an industry-standard AES 256 bit encryption protection level or higher.  Call us on 0844 561 1133 for a discreet discussion about what you’d like to achieve.


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